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Hi, I am Gabie from Tea End Blog and I love reading (with a great cup of tea) and talking about literature just like Booky! Booky and I have teamed up to present an article entitled Long Live Paper; this post is intended to help you appreciate literature in all forms.

Every year, to show my appreciation for the written word, I subscribe to โ€œpaperโ€; magazines, newspapers, journals, you name it! Starting 2017, I listed all of the โ€œpaperโ€ to which I am subscribed in an article entitled, โ€œLong Live Paper | 2017โ€. The Wall Street Journal was at the top of my list.

In this post, I share an article (cited above) from The Wall Street Journal that highlights various books that should end up on your reading list and I reveal three that I intend to add to mine.

Book #1: Les Essais by Michel de Montaigne


Being a non-native French speaker, I am always searching for French literature that is educational but fun. The Essays by Michel de Montaigne areย translated in English but reading the review by Jeffrey Collins (The Wall Street journal) wet my appetiteย to read these writings in their original language.

Michel de Montaigne was somewhat of a philosopher with a political edge that wrote a series of Essays that are renowned as being sincere and quite applicable toย our modern day. The Essays use antiquity to instruct and reprove modernity. Just my type of reading! The e-version is only $2.99 on Amazon so Iโ€™ll definitely pick it up!

Book #2: Earning the Rockies by Robert D. Kaplan


I must be honest, the outset of the review written by Arthur Herman (The Wall Street Journal) was so adventurous that I was swept off my feet so much so that I couldnโ€™t land when I reached the end of the article feeling as though “Earning the Rockies” would be a political writing.

Ok, I’ll be honest, when enjoying a good book and a nice cup of tea I tend to stay away from politics (laughing), however, something tells me that this book is going to be more of a social experience than a political one so itโ€™s still on my TBR list. I’ll pick it up from Amazon like I do all of my books, plus it’s actually $10 cheaper on Amazonย as the The Journal notates a price of $27.

Book #3: The Men in My Life


Seeing the title above in The Wall Street Journal made me think, โ€œoh greatโ€ฆanother biography of a super-star re-tellingย their sexual experiencesโ€ฆโ€ Needless to say, I wasnโ€™t excited; we bookworms, however, shouldnโ€™t judge books by their covers (supposedly) so Iโ€™m guessing the same applies to titles (smiling).

Iโ€™m so happy that I read the review by Moira Hodgson (The Wall Street Journal) because I think this is going to be a really good read! Patricia Bosworth, a one-time actress and the biographer of Montgomery Clift, Diane Arbus and Marlon Brando, recounts her story as a woman of the 1950โ€™s and her relationships with all the men of her life; lovers, brothers and fathers. “The Men in My Life”ย wonโ€™t be a โ€œtell-all sex talesโ€ type of read but rather a look into an actressโ€™s life as she discovers her femininity and breaks away from the traditions of her motherโ€™s.

In Conclusion…

I really hope you enjoyed this post under the The End Blog Series: Long Live Paper. Be sure to check out more book reviews on Bookyโ€™s Blog and subscribe directly to this site, after all, you can never have enough books for your TBR list!

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