Book Review: Before We Were Strangers

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

Rated: ❀❀❀❀❀ 
One Word: Lovely

Matt and Grace met during their senior year at NYU while Matt was moving into the senior dorms. They became “fast friends”. They played music, scored the scenes where food will be cheap or basically free, studied together and made plans for the future. But as Graduation came and left, Matt must leave for a Photography summer internship in South America with a promise to return to Grace in NY at the end of summer.With time, distance and events occurring, Matt and Grace missed their connection that summer. Fifteen years later, Matt see’s Grace on the subway and finds a way to meet up and catch up on the last fifteen years of their lives.

Matt is the ideal very thoughtful and strong character we all want in our life with flaws that we can definitely tolerate. Grace is beautifully caring as we see with her family and the sacrifices she made in her life. Both protagonists were very humanly and I believe thats why I love this story so much. We’ve seen a million missed connection books but this is not quite like the rest of them.

I loved Tati, Grace bestfriend, because she reminds me of a friend who will always be there for you and tell it like it is. Those are the only ones we should keep around anyway!

I loved everything about this book. I was emotionally invested in the characters, the scenes they were in and was happy with how it all came together at the end.

I really called alot of things out in the book like a coupling of some characters, secrets and how its never good to make swift decisions based on emotions but I’m glad with where and the journey they took to get to where they ended up

Before we were strangers reminds you of the bliss and content that is love along with the challenges but also gently tugging on your heart that it can all be worth it with the right person.

Renee Carlino, amazing work and looking forward to checking out Swear On this Life.

Happy Reading,


September TBR List

Happy September!!!

Summer is coming to an end very soon 😒😭 but that means Fall will be here soon 😊😍. Fall is my favorite season especially since it coincide with my Birthday. What’s your fav season?

I have my September TBR list and let me tell you, its quite ambitious. The readings are not difficult but I will also have my school work load with it, so wish me luck guys! But I think I can do it.

1. Shiny Broken Pieces by Clayton and Charaipotra

2. When by Victoria Laurie

3. The Last Time We Were Us by Leah Konen

4. Let The Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

5. Everyday Is For The Thief by Teju Cole

6. Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

7. Through To You by Lauren Barnholdt

What are you reading this month? See any you’ve read or would like to read?

Happy Reading,


Book Review: Lost Along The Way

Lost Along the Way by Erin Duffy

Rated: ❀❀❀❀
One Word: Sisterhood

Jane, Cara and Meg were friends all through grade school to mid twenties. There friendship suffered a blow when Jane eloped for her wedding. Fast forward seven years, Jane is the subject of tabloids frenzy because her husband has defrauded his clients and in jail. Jane must now swallow her pride and seek out the real people who truly knows her to find solace. But what she finds in her friends life is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. All three women must deal with how and why their friendship dissolved when they should have held on to each other and find a way to let go of past mistakes while looking forward to the future.

Duffy truly knows how to make you laugh while you want to cry. That was one of the things I enjoyed while reading the girls story. Jane was the sharp shooter, ready for an adventure and throughout the novel she didn’t disappoint. My favorite character would be Meg because she was the balancing factor between wild Jane and stern Cara.

I wanted to see a more clear decision on Jane’s part at the end of the novel. What would she do with her husband? Divorce him? Could she truly not think of a better option for what’s next than the one the girls thought about? Also the story broke in between scenes to send us to a flashback of their younger years. It was great but seemed too much and not necessary because what would ultimately happen have been revealed in the present time .

I know the focus of the book was to reconnect and remind us how friendships are important. What I took away from this story that is that in life you won’t get to do everything at the same time with your friends but been there, supporting them and not hiding your flaws -because everyone of us have them- is very important. It keeps the relationship real.

Lost Along the Way is a relaxed read on the beach or with a glass of wine with the phone near by ready to dial your best friend.

Happy Reading,


Book Review: Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Rated: ❀❀❀❀
One Word: Infatuated

Allow me to begin with a little story.

I’ve seen, heard and read about Rainbow Rowell for some years now but never picked up any of her books. The synopsis were good but never enough to make me read it immediately. But that changed this summer. I needed to try and give it a chance. Boy am I glad I did!

Eleanor is the new girl on the block, with the fiery red hair and nonconventional clothes. Park is the cool but not cool guy and they form an unlikely ally. Park becomes the refuge from Eleanor’s crazy family and both teens begin a love affair with all the odds against them. Could they succeed?

Eleanor was a fully developed character I was constantly rooting for. She is a very relatable character and the scenes between her and Park were amazing. It felt like I was right there with them! Can I say that Park’s parents are freaking great? They were not perfect but they were there for their kids. There are many lessons to be learned in this book.

I’m absolutely blown away by Rowell’s writing. The short but precise sentence structure was very effective and held my attention till the last page. There are problems with Eleanor’s mom that could be expanded upon but I guess this book focus was really the love story between two teens. Understood.

I wanted to give this book a 5❀but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The ending was not ideal to me. It left things too unresolved and rushed. Did you think so as well?

I loved the general idea and the book.
What did you think?

I may have taken a while to read a Rowell novel but I won’t be making such mistake again. Fangirl or Carry On ?

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Book Review: It Ends With Us

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Rated: ❀❀❀❀❀
One word: Breathtaking

Lily Bloom have lived a hard life but she always kept her head up. Optimistic about her future and what she wants out of it. Then she met the charismatic, sensitive yet arrogant neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincard. They form something out of nothing and tried to make it work. As things begin to mature, Lily runs into her past love, Atlas. The young boy that was there for part of the moments that made her who she was. The life she saw for herself and what happens does not correlate and she must find strength within herself to make things right.

I got this book yesterday and completed it immediately. Yes, I have been anticipating this book after Hoover mentioned that this was the closest and realest she ever wrote about her life and it was a very important book and experience for her.

Hoover, this is your best work yet and I appreciate you for giving this to us. For trying to show us that the we all are capable of making good and bad decisions and we must make which ones are best for us. Lily was a pillar of strength that experienced certain things that no one should. Her character was too real, Hoover pulled no punches when she created her and it was more than perfect.

I loved all the characters in their own way and learned something from each of them. I rooted for Ryle, Atlas and Lily through the whole journey and even though what happened had to happened the way it was, it helps to show that many things cannot be fixed no matter what. Friendship and support system is highlighted in this book and reminds us that we truly do need people who loves us genuinely and want whats best for us in life.

I always ask this question that “if you break a glass, glue it together, will it ever be as it was originally?


The cracks will always be there.” It Ends with Us is like another one of that example.

I want to reach out to everyone out there that ever stumbles upon my page, go out and get this book. The main lesson of this book may be a common thread but it isn’t written or comes close to any other out there. You’ll thank me for it.

Happy Reading,


CR: Glass Sword

Currently reading : Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I wanted to include this in my #Julytbr but I never got to it. It is now part of my #Augusttbr and can’t wait to get into. I’m hoping the pace is much quicker than it was in #RedQueen because the beginning of Red Queen felt just too long before the action and interesting things started.

You’ll see a sneak peek of some of my Aug tbr, can you guess them?

Well what are you reading? Are you joining any of the #Augustbookchallenges ?

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CR: A la Carte

I started A la Carte earlier today and almost done with it. Love how real this book is making me check my life.

Elaine wants to be a famous African American vegetarian chef and she have a good start already in my mother’s kitchen. But whrn

#nationallipstickday πŸ’„πŸ’„ and it goes great with my a la Carte book cover. #redlips is just so #classic . #rubywoo. I couldn’t find mine. My very first red lippy. #blackgirlmagic

Have you read any book with recipes included? Did you like it?

Book Review: Melody’s Key

Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

Rated: ❀❀❀❀
One word: Melodic

Melody’s Key was not part of my #JulyTBR list and what book lover wouldn’t be happy to add more to her list?

In Melody’s Key, we meet Tegan Lockwood and she is a triple threat who creates music, art and write and is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. Although she has all these incredible talent, Tegan hides her craft for they reveal the true her and all the desires she keeps locked away since she must help keep her family business open. She would love to have her music out in the world and go to college but she refuses to leave her family in England.

Then Tegan met Mason Keane, international, sexy and arrogant pop star who came for an R&R at their family estate for the summer. After a very rocky starts and appropriate tantrums thrown, they both realize how much they needed one another. Mason needed the loyalty and compassion that Tegan had and Tegan needed Mason’s courage and love.

Coryell included other current issues like homophobia, keeping bad company even though you know they are not good for you, family always sticking together but calling you out once you mess up. I enjoyed the characters alot and found the lyrics included in the book to be very good.

Once the climax wss reached, the book moved at a great pace but excluded many things it started with from the beginning.

***SPOiler AlErT SpOIler ALerT***

We was told that Simon, Tegan BFF was dating someone that was hiding his identity. Simon refused to let Tegan know who it was even though it looked like Simon’s decision may hurt her. I thought it was her ex, Cale that he was with if the way Coryell set up the plot from the beginning. I just want to know cause I’m naturally curious but it doesn’t create a big flaw.

Also the part of the story where Tegan found those old letters, read them and we became invested with this beautiful tragedy love story and it just felt like we was left hanging without a conclusion. So did she go back and replace the box?

I found the very last part of the novel with Tegan going after what she really wanted to be amazing. It showed how important it is that we don’t let what we want get away from us due to our fears.

I totally enjoyed reading this book and I recieved this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Happy Reading,


Review: Just Listen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Rated: ❀❀❀❀❀
One Word: Melodic

As I started to read this book, I had a sense of Deja Vu, as if I’ve already read it but just not putting the puzzles pieces together. I still don’t know the answer but I think I might have read this years ago. But anyway, I read the book and enjoyed every moment of it (Again…).

Annabel is a model, the youngest of three sisters and when she began her junior year of high school, she had no friends. She hated her model job, had a secret that was eating her away and she deals with it the only way she knew about ; She kept quiet, withdrew into her shell and did everything to avoid been the center of attention in her family with one of her sister just healing from a disease.

Then she started to interact with the school number one outcast: Owen. They forged a friendship with each other as Owen showed Annabel the world of authentic music and how to be truthful at all times. These lessons were hard for Annabel, who always omitted things to spare others while also not speaking up for herself. As her secret hurts another person she knew, she had to find the strength to come clean and be strong for herself.

Dessen did an amazing job of crafting such a touching story. This story plot is one that many girls could relate to, from Annebel sister’s disease, to the pressure of trying to keep everything inside because you believe it’s the best option to the real ordeal that Annebel went through that cost her the life she knew.

This book teaches young adult to look for confidence from within themselves even if no one else will believe in them.

My favorite character was Annabel. Something about her broke my heart because no one should have to go through what she did and she kept it together for a while. She was very protective of her family and I loved the girl she became at the end of the novel.

I also liked Owen. His character was exactly what Annabel needed. Someone who would call her out on her choices, whether good or bad. We all need someone like that in our life.

If you haven’t read this book, please make sure you check it out!

Happy Reading,


CR : Dreamology

Hey there friends!

I’ve finally muster up and started Dreamology by Keating.

Boy, let me tell you how hesitant I was to pick up this book.

On many blogs, I’ve been warned of the fluff writing that is all over this book because of the dream state it includes vs the reality. I must say I like it so far. Its not as marshmallowy (I made up that word πŸ™ˆ) as I thought it would be. It has many elements that makes this a very unique piece of YA book that almost any age range can read!

Its a very fast read as I’m already more than half way through it and its only 322 pages long.

Check back later for the review!

Happy Reading,