ARC Reviews: Bad Boy

Bad Boy by Elliot Wake

Pub by: Atria Books

Pub Date: Dec 6 2016

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

**Received for free in exchange for an honest review**

Absolutely worth the binge read I did. Although I’ll warn that I went into this book completely blind. As in, I didn’t know about the synopsis, the author or that Cam Girl and Black Iris are really good starters before Bad Boy. Bad Boy spoils the aforementioned books, so honestly it’s up to you to read those first.

Renard Grant, “Ren” is a trans-boy who has found fame on YouTube documenting his ever going journey to claiming his true identity. He’s also a part of Black Iris, a vigilante group that makes sure that online misogynists get their due through severe punishments for trolling women. After a botched mission, Ren was targeted and everything he had worked for is questioned.Ren is a beautifully flawed and real character that I absolutely adore. His friends in Black Iris are well developed characters that helped flesh out what Ren was going through.

I got an education on the process of transitioning (although I doubt that was the author’s intension), the need to have a good support system as well as what happens when it’s absent. Bad Boy also shows that even after accomplishing the goal, there are always struggles that are needed to overcome on an everyday basis, because believe it or not, its what makes us human.

One of the most stunning part of the novel is that Ren compares himself to another character constantly but we see that the other character does the same. He found himself looking up to Ren for what he has done for himself. There is a message here for everyone to stop searching for the perfect way we’re supposed to be. Its enough to be a continuous work in progress: it strenghtens us.

I love the way that Wake writes. This is my introduction to his writing and he writes in a way that makes you want to keep reading. The prose is packed with allusions as well feeling as if you’re in the scenes with the charcaters. I felt as if I was in the club, dancing and observing the events that unraveled within those walls. I felt the suspense that was weaved into the novel but I found that there was way too much foreshadowing that gave away the culprit so early and easily. I think this was purposely done because the focus of the novel wasn’t the suspense as much as it was about getting to know the mental, physical and emotional state of Ren.

Bad Boy gripped me by surprise with its plot and I’m not disappointed. I’m looking forward to reading the previous books as well as Wake’s future works.


Using my NetGalley Account

I have some news to share!!!

First, I need to apologize for my lack of updating the blog throughout November but I swear, November was just a different kind of busy. I just want to let my Pals know that you can keep up with the blog on Instagram, because I try to update that atleast on a daily basis.

Second, I finally updated and began using my NetGalley account!! NetGalley is a place for authors to send and have their book, which is yet to be released, reviewed by “professional readers” (like myself 😁) and some editors also use it as well. It is a great system to have and it helps both the reviewers as well as the review-ee, (Totally doubt if that’s an actual word).

Why I’m using it again: I’ve been so busy with school work and figured to start putting some things in place for the blog with school break coming up. NetGalley is something I’ve wanted to continue doing and this will be the perfect time to start. It would safe me lots of money on books I’d have to buy because I’ll be sending requests for books that I have interest in and if I’m approved, that’s a free book right there! I’ve already been approved to review 4 out of the 7 books that I requested for. Another reason is that it’s a great way to influence what books are getting released and giving honest feedback on why something works or not in the book.

NetGalley is very easy to navigate for anyone who is interested. The copies you’ll receive are e-copy. I use my Kindle account to receive mine but there are other sources if you don’t use Kindle.

I also have many things I want to implement on the blog to make sure I’m reaching my goals in regards to the blog. So, be on the look out for more updates and changes real soon!

Happy Holiday’s,

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October, What it brought me and Book Wrap Up

Before we get to our Book Wrap Up, allow me to rant a little bit, please 😊

October 2016 is gone😳 but it was a great month to me. I learned that I was stronger than I thought I’m yet also very fragile. Stronger because I took on a new challenge in my life that I swore to avoid at all cost and I’m learning that with time, I will overcome my worries for it. I usually shy away from things I know or believe I might not be successful with and I realized that I’m selling myself short.I remind myself that I’m a very young woman in a ever changing world. I will grow, make mistakes and learn as each day goes by because I will not let my failures define me.

I almost let the same fear stop me from establishing my blog. I ask myself now “why did you wait so long to do this?” But you know what, atleast I started it.

I also noticed that I hide some of my feelings, tuck them away and don’t deal with it. I’m acknowledging this flaw but I have a long way to go to eradicate it from my personality.

November 2016, I’m welcoming you with open arms and looking forward to the growth you’ll bring forth.

Let’s get to my Book Wrap Up party which was extremely small! I only ready 2 books off my Oct TBR list and 1 book from my college class assignment which I fell in love with. Like where have I been without this book? I plan on doing a writing about the book but I need to give it my undivided attention.

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The Last Time Were Us ❤❤❤ Click Here

Woman at Point Zero ❤❤❤❤❤

Have you read any ? Any thoughts? Would you pick them up? Share your thoughts with me!

Happy November,

Book Review: The Last Time We Were Us

The Last Time We Were Us by Leah Konen

Rated: ❤❤❤

Liz and her bff MacKenzie are about to have the best summer before their senior year in highschool. They are invited to hang out with the “IN” crowd of their small and narrow minded popular crowd, speared headed by Innis Taylor. Innis Taylor, son of the rich and famous Taylor family in their small town.As Liz and Innis are getting closer, Liz childhood bff, Jason, is released early from Juvie. The young boy who went off the rail and burned Innis older brother’s face many summers ago.

With Jason out of jail, Liz becomes more curious about the night her ex- bff committed the crime that affected many people lives, including her sister. They began to talk and hang out in secret as many facet of truth of that unfortunate night comes to light. Would they get to the truth in time or will more people get hurt in the process of unearthing the truth?

I liked this book because of the mystery to find out what really happened. It was interesting to see the way Konen wrote about how people’s perspective change due to circumstances. Liz was the young teenage girl that is still figuring out who she was, seperating herself from the identity her family was forming for her. Jason was very easy to like with his positive and “grown” outlook after spending time in Juvie reflecting his choices. I truly enjoyed the banter between Liz and MacKenzie because the fought and had different opinion but still made their friendship work.

I didn’t think that what truly happened that night truly makes up for the events that followed. The book needed to explain more on why Jason and Liz drifted apart initially. The way that the sisters relationship occured before Jason was released, while he was still the society’s pariah and after everyone was suddenly okay with him was rushed and needed to be more developed.

The author does a great job of capturing young love, friendship as well as loyalty to someone you believe in.

Happy Reading,

Book Review: Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Rated: ❤❤❤❤
One Word: Infatuated

Allow me to begin with a little story.

I’ve seen, heard and read about Rainbow Rowell for some years now but never picked up any of her books. The synopsis were good but never enough to make me read it immediately. But that changed this summer. I needed to try and give it a chance. Boy am I glad I did!

Eleanor is the new girl on the block, with the fiery red hair and nonconventional clothes. Park is the cool but not cool guy and they form an unlikely ally. Park becomes the refuge from Eleanor’s crazy family and both teens begin a love affair with all the odds against them. Could they succeed?

Eleanor was a fully developed character I was constantly rooting for. She is a very relatable character and the scenes between her and Park were amazing. It felt like I was right there with them! Can I say that Park’s parents are freaking great? They were not perfect but they were there for their kids. There are many lessons to be learned in this book.

I’m absolutely blown away by Rowell’s writing. The short but precise sentence structure was very effective and held my attention till the last page. There are problems with Eleanor’s mom that could be expanded upon but I guess this book focus was really the love story between two teens. Understood.

I wanted to give this book a 5❤but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The ending was not ideal to me. It left things too unresolved and rushed. Did you think so as well?

I loved the general idea and the book.
What did you think?

I may have taken a while to read a Rowell novel but I won’t be making such mistake again. Fangirl or Carry On ?

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Happy Reading,


Book Review: Melody’s Key

Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

Rated: ❤❤❤❤
One word: Melodic

Melody’s Key was not part of my #JulyTBR list and what book lover wouldn’t be happy to add more to her list?

In Melody’s Key, we meet Tegan Lockwood and she is a triple threat who creates music, art and write and is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. Although she has all these incredible talent, Tegan hides her craft for they reveal the true her and all the desires she keeps locked away since she must help keep her family business open. She would love to have her music out in the world and go to college but she refuses to leave her family in England.

Then Tegan met Mason Keane, international, sexy and arrogant pop star who came for an R&R at their family estate for the summer. After a very rocky starts and appropriate tantrums thrown, they both realize how much they needed one another. Mason needed the loyalty and compassion that Tegan had and Tegan needed Mason’s courage and love.

Coryell included other current issues like homophobia, keeping bad company even though you know they are not good for you, family always sticking together but calling you out once you mess up. I enjoyed the characters alot and found the lyrics included in the book to be very good.

Once the climax wss reached, the book moved at a great pace but excluded many things it started with from the beginning.

***SPOiler AlErT SpOIler ALerT***

We was told that Simon, Tegan BFF was dating someone that was hiding his identity. Simon refused to let Tegan know who it was even though it looked like Simon’s decision may hurt her. I thought it was her ex, Cale that he was with if the way Coryell set up the plot from the beginning. I just want to know cause I’m naturally curious but it doesn’t create a big flaw.

Also the part of the story where Tegan found those old letters, read them and we became invested with this beautiful tragedy love story and it just felt like we was left hanging without a conclusion. So did she go back and replace the box?

I found the very last part of the novel with Tegan going after what she really wanted to be amazing. It showed how important it is that we don’t let what we want get away from us due to our fears.

I totally enjoyed reading this book and I recieved this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Happy Reading,

New Book Alert: Glass Sword 👑

I was able to get Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard yesterday! It coincide with the reveal of the third book in the Red Queen series, King’s Cage.


King’s Cage will be release next year, February 2017 and I don’t think I can wait. I’m very excited!

A post of my Review : Red Queen is available for my thoughts on the book and what the book is about. I had some points that I believe will be addressed in King’s Cage; there is supposed to be varied POV in it.

Please check back again for my thoughts on how the book is when I begin to read it and after when I have a review up.

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Happy Reading,


Review : Red Queen

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

An EpicReads book
Rated : ❤❤❤❤

Honestly, I’ve completed this book for about 3 days before composing this review. I have mixed feelings about this book Aveyard and I’m hoping some of my issue could be taken very seriously in the next installments of this series.*crosses finger *

Red Queen is about a girl, Mare living in a dystopian world. The people are segragated by blood. There are the elite and powerful with Silver blood and there are the paupers and lowly with red blood in their veins.Silvers have abilities, like telekinesis, mind reading, nymphs and so fort while Reds do not. This enables the segregation to be effective in show of powers.

Mare is a red blood. She is bitter, (whiny) and disheartened. She hates the Silvers because they take everything away from the Reds and make them suffer. Due to an accident in the palace during a show (an auctioning of type), the Silvers found that she possed an ability that belongs only to the Silvers. Now they were forced to cover up the anomaly and Mare had to pretend to be like the Silvers.

With her position and power, Mare joins the rebel group, Scarlet Guard, who are seeking justice and equality for all people. Her fight for equality consumes Mare and those all around her in a way that makes you wonder who’s on who’s side?

I truly love this story concept and the twist and turns that Aveyard took us through. There was many times this could have been like any dystopian novel we’ve all read before but she kept us in suspence until the last page was turned.

The beginning of the novel was very slow paced and I found myself almost giving up! It wasn’t until later I totally couldn’t put the book down! I’d advice if you had this problem, go back and shoulder through it. Its totally worth… To a point (at least for me).

Mare made this book quite difficult for me to like. I’m usually a go for strong, opinionated characters but she was very bitter. It cloaked the whole book and made me very distrustful of her voice as the narrator. I think this book should have been in third person narrator. Honestly, she was strong yet weak, a great flaw yet important for a protagonist of a dystopian novel. But she was very uncaring for other peoples wellbeing, especially if they were not beneficial to her. I know her attitude was needed to show how much struggles the Silvers put the Reds through, but I couldn’t help but feel that she needed to tone it down a bit. She didn’t have any remorse for the others who suffered if they were not Reds and her action makes me wonder what will happen if she did have totall control over the Silvers.

There are many love stories in this book, it made an unsual love square. It was intriguing but a tad too much. One of the love stories was obvious to me as it wasn’t to Mare that she was way over her head but it added to the great work Red Queen came to be. Another love story should be shelved off and progress towards another girl in the book.

I’m rooting for Mare and Cal all the way. I think they balanced each other well and Mare just has some growing up to do.

I gave this book only 4 ❤ because of how I feel about Mare and her attitude in general. She should want a revolution in a better way but I’m almost too afraid to see her in complete power mode. She seemed like she would like ittoo much!

I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Glass Sword !

**I tried really hard not to give away any spoilers, especially with the love square but I’m sure you could guess which was which once you’ve read the book!***

If you haven’t checked out Red Queen, please go and grab a copy immediately!

Review: Anna and the French Kiss 💋💋

Anna and the French Kiss 💋 by Stephanie Perkins

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

This book blew my mind! I can honestly see why there was so much rave about this book because I was not disappointed!

Anna and the French Kiss is a YA novel about Anna Oliphant, who was sent to School of America in Paris by her uncultured and but rich father in her senior year of high school.

A freaked out Anna was not happy with her fathers decision but tried to make the best of her situation. She met new friends: Meredith, Rashmi, Josh and Etienne. They took her in, showed her the area and they all faced the adventures of what its like to school away from their home.

Etienne and Anna formed the closest relationship and relied on each other to deal with their family issues, friends drama and relationship woes.

Perkins used this book to shed light on self awareness, forgiveness and ability to push past fears and realize that we are never alone.
Friends fight and we never get to choose our families but its how we make the most out of every situation that matters the most.

This book is also a love story. A love story between Etienne and Anna. Their miss connections through out the school year, the complications of one been in a relationship and one trying not to be left out and all the crazy teeneage actions that finally helped them find their way to each other.

My only gripe about this book is that it sent a mixed message. I don’t want to really give away to much spoilers but it alluded that emotional cheating was okay while also showing that it is hard to run away from feelings. Of course it showed how realistic this  moments can happen in someone’s life but it doesn’t mean its right.

I enjoyed the book in overall aspect and cannot wait to read Lola and the Boy next door!

I’ll advice everyone to read this book, there is  a lightness that pulls at your heart that you cannot help but wish they would both realize whats right in front of them.

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Upcoming Reads

Hey guys, so I have some upcoming reads that I’m looking forward to.

1: The Distance between Us. By Kasie West.

I just recently found out about West , and I’m loving her books so far! They are really quick reads with touching situation happening beneath the love story that are the obvious attraction. I’m not fully able to relate to their struggles because I’m not a teen anymore but I just love the stories.

2: Red Queen. By Victoria Aveyard

This is going to be my first read from Aveyard and I’m really excited! I’ve seen rave reviews about this book from some of my fellow bloggers and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Pick up your copies and support !

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