Book Review: Wired

Wired by Julie Garwood


A brilliant hacker & a hot shot FBI? Sign me up!

Allison is completing her senior year in college when FBI agent, Liam askes her to help solve an important case by doing some hacking. Allison, who have some dirt in her past became hesitant to help when she doesn’t knows what will happen once Liam found out about them?

Allison was a complex heroine with her family drama, modeling career and impressive ability to do just about anything with a computer. Liam was the brooding yet caring agent who was not completely fleshed out as a hero because we barely got to know him. He came across when ever you needed him, that I eventually could tell when he will show up and disappear from the storyline.

There were heavy and repetitive plot lines – how beautiful and too selfless Allison is- which didn’t move the story anywhere. The constant reminder kept breaking the pace of the novel. Also, the timeline at the beginning of the novel wasn’t clear. There were scenes that seem like flashbacks but also perceived as current actions in the first few chapters. I found that as the novel moved along, the best parts, are the action scenes. The different hiccups that derailed both characters were fun to read but not necessary. The novel should have delved deeper into the original issue and use that rather than the last big incident that occurred to build the whole novel.

When I got this novel, I was ready to dive into some intense suspense and I didn’t get that by the end of it. The heroine apt ability to code was by far my favorite part. We need more heroine like Allison and less attention on her beauty.

Check out the novel and lets have a chat on what you thought about it,

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It’s been a Year already??

Hey guys, its been a while since I’ve been active but today is my blog’s one year anniversary!! 🌻🌹
.this will be short post because I’m pressed for time but, wow its been a year!

. interesting fact** : I literally began this blog on the bus! Hahaaaa crazy huh?

Anyway, even though I skip days from posting when reality forces itself on me, when adulting becomes to gruesome and when I get too lazy to write my reviews, I wouldn’t change a thing about this past year. .
.Here’s to many more years to come 📖🙏🌹🌻🌺
Where did you create your blog?? And when?


Hoping to jump back into the swing of things very soon!



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Book Review: Everything Everything

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

QuickThought:: Everything Everything is that subtle reminder that “ifs” and “I wish” are barriers, and it is not until we grab hold of life and experience every facet-with its risks and pleasures- that we start to live. 

Meet Madeleine. She is half Japanese half African-American, eighteen, allergic to the world, stays indoors 24/7 and her only direct human interactions are her mother and nurse.
Meet Oliver aka Olly. He moves next door to Madeline with his family and becomes intrigued by the girl who never leaves her house.
Madeline becomes Maddy once she and Olly begins to IM and become “fast friends” (One of my favorite terms since I’ve read Renée Carlino’s Before We Were Strangers). Now, Maddy’s routine life is no longer enough and she wants to risk it all. Including her life.
Can she risk her life so that she starts to actually LIVE and will she be able tell the tale afterwards?

Nicola Yoon sets Everything Everything up for the reader to fall for Maddy and Olly. I read through the book imagining myself as Maddy. Can I live indoors 24/7, not being able to feel the sun shine on my skin? Not able to feel the wetness of the rain under my boots? Not able to feel the season changing outdoors and I’m only living by looking from my windows?
No. Its unimaginable and I wanted Maddy to defy the rules and run out from the house from the second chapter of the book!
Crazy, I know, but life is all about risks right?

Everything Everything is literally, everything. We see a young, fragile relationship become stronger with everyday that passes. We get to see the bond between a mother and her daughter and how far she will protect her own. We also get to see people go out and take risks, how each family deal with their own baggage and how serious we must take care of our mental and emotional health. Its vital to help make us healthy and productive members of our society so we can be a better role model for our children and even ourselves.

Yoon’s writing is refreshing. It was very true in giving an accurate reflection of the story. When an author can be authentic to the story, no matter the genre or topic, it makes me fall in love with the work. The overall story is also very true to the present time. There is the teenage acts that is very common in present time teens, the issue of mental health, as well as finding one self after spending too much time in the darkness. I honestly cannot find something I’d change about this book because everything was literally placed at the right time with the right tone. It’s a book I’d consider a very inclusive “coming of age” book.

I am telling you, go and grab your own copy because you don’t want to miss the lessons that Everything Everything is about to teach you!

Happy Reading,


ARC Book Review: Will Never Fade

Will Never Fade by Jenna Sutton

Pub Date: December 13, 2016
Genre: Romance

Will Never Fade is part of the Riley O’Brien & CO.***

Rated: ❤❤❤❤

**Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Candid characters with an unforgettable plot.

We’re shown how the main character, Phoebe, is trying to live a seclusive life after surviving one of the worst events in a person’s life. Her plan goes south once an ex lover, Garrett, re-enters her life and is making plans to stay forever.

Phoebe is well developed as a character who stays true to the struggle of the plot. Phoebe is relatable: she worries about the unknown and almost always let it get in her way of living life. I think many people can see a part of themselves in her.

I liked Garrett’s openness to lay all his cards on the table and show his intent pretty early on. We don’t get many male characters doing that. As much as I do like Garrett, he seemed too perfect. He wasn’t as fleshed out as Phoebe was and I think in the context of the plot, it made up for his 2D actions. I think some flaws would’ve made him more realistic.

I read through this novella very quickly because the writing is simple and direct. Though at times, I found it oversimplifying certain things. I enjoyed reading the novella and was educated on the matters the characters were going through. The chemistry between Phoebe and Garrett was top shelf hot, and I liked that it was well balanced throughout the whole novel because it didn’t overshadow the main story. Sutton took a serious plot, added heartache, love and for us to accepts the things that are out of our control.

A novella I’ll be reading again because its just that kind of work.

Happy Holidays,

ARC Reviews: Bad Boy

Bad Boy by Elliot Wake

Pub by: Atria Books

Pub Date: Dec 6 2016

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

**Received for free in exchange for an honest review**

Absolutely worth the binge read I did. Although I’ll warn that I went into this book completely blind. As in, I didn’t know about the synopsis, the author or that Cam Girl and Black Iris are really good starters before Bad Boy. Bad Boy spoils the aforementioned books, so honestly it’s up to you to read those first.

Renard Grant, “Ren” is a trans-boy who has found fame on YouTube documenting his ever going journey to claiming his true identity. He’s also a part of Black Iris, a vigilante group that makes sure that online misogynists get their due through severe punishments for trolling women. After a botched mission, Ren was targeted and everything he had worked for is questioned.Ren is a beautifully flawed and real character that I absolutely adore. His friends in Black Iris are well developed characters that helped flesh out what Ren was going through.

I got an education on the process of transitioning (although I doubt that was the author’s intension), the need to have a good support system as well as what happens when it’s absent. Bad Boy also shows that even after accomplishing the goal, there are always struggles that are needed to overcome on an everyday basis, because believe it or not, its what makes us human.

One of the most stunning part of the novel is that Ren compares himself to another character constantly but we see that the other character does the same. He found himself looking up to Ren for what he has done for himself. There is a message here for everyone to stop searching for the perfect way we’re supposed to be. Its enough to be a continuous work in progress: it strenghtens us.

I love the way that Wake writes. This is my introduction to his writing and he writes in a way that makes you want to keep reading. The prose is packed with allusions as well feeling as if you’re in the scenes with the charcaters. I felt as if I was in the club, dancing and observing the events that unraveled within those walls. I felt the suspense that was weaved into the novel but I found that there was way too much foreshadowing that gave away the culprit so early and easily. I think this was purposely done because the focus of the novel wasn’t the suspense as much as it was about getting to know the mental, physical and emotional state of Ren.

Bad Boy gripped me by surprise with its plot and I’m not disappointed. I’m looking forward to reading the previous books as well as Wake’s future works.


Using my NetGalley Account

I have some news to share!!!

First, I need to apologize for my lack of updating the blog throughout November but I swear, November was just a different kind of busy. I just want to let my Pals know that you can keep up with the blog on Instagram, because I try to update that atleast on a daily basis.

Second, I finally updated and began using my NetGalley account!! NetGalley is a place for authors to send and have their book, which is yet to be released, reviewed by “professional readers” (like myself 😁) and some editors also use it as well. It is a great system to have and it helps both the reviewers as well as the review-ee, (Totally doubt if that’s an actual word).

Why I’m using it again: I’ve been so busy with school work and figured to start putting some things in place for the blog with school break coming up. NetGalley is something I’ve wanted to continue doing and this will be the perfect time to start. It would safe me lots of money on books I’d have to buy because I’ll be sending requests for books that I have interest in and if I’m approved, that’s a free book right there! I’ve already been approved to review 4 out of the 7 books that I requested for. Another reason is that it’s a great way to influence what books are getting released and giving honest feedback on why something works or not in the book.

NetGalley is very easy to navigate for anyone who is interested. The copies you’ll receive are e-copy. I use my Kindle account to receive mine but there are other sources if you don’t use Kindle.

I also have many things I want to implement on the blog to make sure I’m reaching my goals in regards to the blog. So, be on the look out for more updates and changes real soon!

Happy Holiday’s,

**Disclaimer*** This Post is not Sponsored by NetGalley or Kindle****

October, What it brought me and Book Wrap Up

Before we get to our Book Wrap Up, allow me to rant a little bit, please 😊

October 2016 is gone😳 but it was a great month to me. I learned that I was stronger than I thought I’m yet also very fragile. Stronger because I took on a new challenge in my life that I swore to avoid at all cost and I’m learning that with time, I will overcome my worries for it. I usually shy away from things I know or believe I might not be successful with and I realized that I’m selling myself short.I remind myself that I’m a very young woman in a ever changing world. I will grow, make mistakes and learn as each day goes by because I will not let my failures define me.

I almost let the same fear stop me from establishing my blog. I ask myself now “why did you wait so long to do this?” But you know what, atleast I started it.

I also noticed that I hide some of my feelings, tuck them away and don’t deal with it. I’m acknowledging this flaw but I have a long way to go to eradicate it from my personality.

November 2016, I’m welcoming you with open arms and looking forward to the growth you’ll bring forth.

Let’s get to my Book Wrap Up party which was extremely small! I only ready 2 books off my Oct TBR list and 1 book from my college class assignment which I fell in love with. Like where have I been without this book? I plan on doing a writing about the book but I need to give it my undivided attention.

Through To You ❤❤❤❤ Click Here

The Last Time Were Us ❤❤❤ Click Here

Woman at Point Zero ❤❤❤❤❤

Have you read any ? Any thoughts? Would you pick them up? Share your thoughts with me!

Happy November,

CR: Through To You

I’m starting my October Tbr list and the first book will be Through To You by Lauren Barnholdt.

Here is an synopsis from Simon and Schuster website.

“It starts with a scribbled note in class: I like your sparkle. Harper had casually threaded a piece of blue and silver tinsel through her ponytail in honor of school spirit day. And that carefree, corny gesture is what grabs Penn Mattingly’s eye. Penn—resident heartbreaker of the senior class. Reliably unreliable. Trouble with a capital “T.” And okay,smolderingly sexy.

Harper’s surprised by Penn’s attention—and so is Penn. The last thing he needs is a girlfriend. Or even a friend-with-benefits. The note is not supposed to lead to anything.

Oh, but it does. They hang out. They have fun. They talk. They make out. And after a while, it seems like they just click. But Penn and Harper have very different ideas about what relationships look like, in no small part because of their very different family backgrounds. Of course they could talk about these differences—if Penn knew how to talk about his feelings.

Harper and Penn understand their attraction is illogical, yet something keeps pulling them together. It’s like a crazy roller coaster—exhilarating,terrifying, and amazing all at once. And neither knows how to stop the ride…”

Can’t wait to dig in!

I’m going on a Mini Vacay tomorrow and super excited! I’ll share the books I’ll be bringing along tomorrow!

Happy Saturday guys!

September Book WrapUp

I have my very small September reads🙈. This was probably my worst month of reading because I was so not prepared for the amount of work from school, my job and new changes that occurred this month.

I barely scratched the surface of my TBR list. I didn’t add #When with this pic cause that was a library borrow that has since been returned.

I promise to make it all up in October.

Here are my ratings of the books.

Shiny Broken Pieces: ❤❤❤❤❤
Chinua Achebe: ❤❤❤❤❤
When : ❤❤❤❤

The only review currently available on the blog is When, so please be patient with me as I try to finish up the others.

How was your September TBR list? Did you read any book you’ll love to recommend?

Please leave your comments down below.

Happy Reading,


CR: Glass Sword

Currently reading : Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I wanted to include this in my #Julytbr but I never got to it. It is now part of my #Augusttbr and can’t wait to get into. I’m hoping the pace is much quicker than it was in #RedQueen because the beginning of Red Queen felt just too long before the action and interesting things started.

You’ll see a sneak peek of some of my Aug tbr, can you guess them?

Well what are you reading? Are you joining any of the #Augustbookchallenges ?

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Happy Reading,