Book Review: Without Merit

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover
Rated: ❤❤❤/5

The Voss family may look perfect from the outside but they are far from that. Merit Voss is a high school senior who unwillingly becomes keeper of all secrets in the household. She has varying opinion about her atheist father, annoying stepmother, cancer survivor mother, perfect twin sister & elder brother and her forbidden crush on her twin sister’s boyfriend. When she becomes overwhelmed with everything, Merit concludes on a solution but isn’t ready for the consequences of her action.

I enjoyed reading this novel because it was fast, funny and very easy to follow. Colleen Hoover is known for her writing style that keeps the reader glued to the book, and it was definitely repeated in Without Merit.


I found Without Merit rushed. She came up with various story lines for each character that made them very REAL, (something she’s is very good at) but it wasn’t fleshed out by the end of the book. It seemed everyone had figured out their issues ( which were very serious) in such a short time that didn’t seem very realistic.

Without Merit is more of a coming of age book rather than a romance novel.

The writing is superb and the arts in the novel are unique. Colleen Hoover novels have a way of reminding you that there is no perfect life, we all are just doing our best version of it.

Not my favorite, but I still loved reading and I’d recommend you to read it.

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