Book Review: New World Ashes

New World Ashes by Jennifer Wilson

Rated: ❤❤❤❤/5

After Phoenix, a 17-year-old orphan rogue, sacrifices herself for her loved ones, her world again takes an unexpected turn. She may have forgotten her past, but it hasn’t forgotten her. A war is coming and her role in it will be pivotal.That is… if she survives

After I finished NW Ashes, I asked myself, “what are you willing to do to make the world you live in better? Are you willing to risk everything you hold dear to make a greater world?”

And I couldn’t answer that question without some “if’s & buts”. I would have to come to terms with the chance of losing the closest things to my heart just to make that happen. Although Phoenix is just a character in a book, she feels very real because I believe we can all find ourselves somewhere in her. She is strong yet weak and this makes her a better person. Her love for Triven and Mouse are what pushes her everyday to want more than the Sanctuary is willing to give her.

Ashes has a different pace from Rising and is way better. Some series has a dull sequel that doesn’t improve from the first book, but Ashes overcomes that problem by giving all the main characters more depth and the new ones a reason to move the plot forward. I wanted to crawl into the book and help Phoenix during the first 1/3 of the book because of how dark and grimy the scenes were. Ashes follows Phoenix in the Sanctuary, how much control the Minister is exerting on the citizens and the reason why she ended up  outside of the wall.

I am truly happy that Owlcrate brought this series to my doorstep with NW Rising, and now I’ll soon be completing the series with NW Inferno.

If you’re wondering if you should start this series, don’t. Just go out and get your copy, you won’t be disappointed!


Happy Reading,

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