Book Review: Wired

Wired by Julie Garwood


A brilliant hacker & a hot shot FBI? Sign me up!

Allison is completing her senior year in college when FBI agent, Liam askes her to help solve an important case by doing some hacking. Allison, who have some dirt in her past became hesitant to help when she doesn’t knows what will happen once Liam found out about them?

Allison was a complex heroine with her family drama, modeling career and impressive ability to do just about anything with a computer. Liam was the brooding yet caring agent who was not completely fleshed out as a hero because we barely got to know him. He came across when ever you needed him, that I eventually could tell when he will show up and disappear from the storyline.

There were heavy and repetitive plot lines – how beautiful and too selfless Allison is- which didn’t move the story anywhere. The constant reminder kept breaking the pace of the novel. Also, the timeline at the beginning of the novel wasn’t clear. There were scenes that seem like flashbacks but also perceived as current actions in the first few chapters. I found that as the novel moved along, the best parts, are the action scenes. The different hiccups that derailed both characters were fun to read but not necessary. The novel should have delved deeper into the original issue and use that rather than the last big incident that occurred to build the whole novel.

When I got this novel, I was ready to dive into some intense suspense and I didn’t get that by the end of it. The heroine apt ability to code was by far my favorite part. We need more heroine like Allison and less attention on her beauty.

Check out the novel and lets have a chat on what you thought about it,

Happy Reading,


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