Long Live Paper

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In this post, I share an article from Sunset Magazine which features a delicious Recipe of spread-able butter fit for the likes of spring and summer.


Hi, I am Gabie from Tea End Blog and I love reading (with a great cup of tea) and talking about literature just like Booky! Booky and I have teamed up to present an article entitled Long Live Paper; this post is intended to help you appreciate literature in all forms.

Every year, to show my appreciation for the written word, I subscribe to “paper”; magazines, newspapers, journals, you name it! Starting 2017, I listed all of the “paper” to which I am subscribed in an article entitled, “Long Live Paper | 2017”.

00b048_76cd5b67b6e4421dac6e6a5a403158be-mv2So, if you’ve been following Tea End Blog on Instagram you may know that I really wish that I was a tried and true gardener. The truth is that I couldn’t have a green thumb to save my life! I still try, however, to grow my own food especially when inspired by the seasons of spring and summer.

In Sunset Magazine, I found a spread-able butter Recipe perfect for spring and summer. Can you believe that it is sprinkled with edible flowers and herbs! It is so pretty and it looks so delicious! Instead of purchasing edible flowers (which can be a bit pricey) I decided to grow my own…I knowkind of crazy; wish me well and take a look at my plant’s progress…


I forgot to save the packages of all that I planted so I totally don’t even know what’s growing (I told you I wasn’t a gardener to save my life). One flower that I can remember is Marigold which is known to have a slight bitter after-taste  and are edible raw or cooked.



The article in Sunset Magazine didn’t mention red onions, my husband just got really creative with an expired red onion in our fridge and voila! it began to sprout…at least someone in the family has a green thumb…



I can’t wait until their finished growing…that is…if I don’t kill them first! (lol) If I succeed, however, I will make sure I save you a slice of fresh bread for the spread.


In Conclusion…

I really hope you enjoyed this post under the The End Blog SeriesLong Live Paper. Be sure to check out more book reviews on Booky’s Blog and subscribe directly to this site, after all, you can never have enough books for your TBR list!

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Keep Sipping Happily Ever After…

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