Long Live Paper


In this post, I share an article from Money Magazine introducing you to a different type of vacation that will help you save money while you spend it.


Hi, I am Gabie from Tea End Blog and I love reading (with a great cup of tea) and talking about literature just like Booky! Booky and I have teamed up to present an article entitled Long Live Paper; this post is intended to help you appreciate literature in all forms.

Every year, to show my appreciation for the written word, I subscribe to “paper”; magazines, newspapers, journals, you name it! Starting 2017, I listed all of the “paper” to which I am subscribed in an article entitled, “Long Live Paper | 2017”.

Spend & Save Simultaneously

You’re probably asking, “What kind of vacation allows you to save money?” After all, don’t we all end up spending way more than we intended when we travel? I know that my husband and I do!

Money Magazine helps us travel smarter having in mind not just our “must-sees” but also our monies. On page 24, a vacation centered on preserving elephants, wildlife and Thai culture and cuisine caught my heart and my wallet.

The “Sustaining Thailand’s Treasures” trip allows a rare opportunity to live and breathe the beauty of Thailand beyond media stereotypes. What is more, it is a “volunteer vacation”, meaning you are assisting in the preservation of wild-life! It gets better, the entire 7-day trip is only $725*!

*not including airfare


Here are a few reasons why my husband and I are placing this trip on our “to go” list:

#1 | Save the Elephants…

My favorite animal is the elephant; you probably already know this if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (@teaendblog) because I am constantly obsessing over them. I sip tea out of a tea mug that honors the elephant and it is listed in my Top Five Favorite Tea Ware. Unfortunately, because of their ivory, elephants are becoming extinct! “Sustaining Thailand’s Treasures” trip allows you to vacay but also save the Asian elephant from extinction.



#2 | Become a Thai Food Chef…

I love Thai cuisine but after a local Thai restaurant served me a bad batch of Kaeng Khiao, a type of Thai curry, my stomach hasn’t felt right toward Thai food since. I believe that if I fixed the meals myself then I probably could overcome this experience. During “Sustaining Thailand’s Treasures” trip, flavorful traditional Thai style meals are cooked fresh with your help!


#3 | Save Your Money…

Who knew that you could save so much money on a vacation! I love that this trip only costs $725 per person. Since it is also a “volunteer vacation”, the entire trip is tax-deductible. That means money for books and tea!



In Conclusion…

I really hope you enjoyed this post under the The End Blog SeriesLong Live Paper. Be sure to check out more book reviews on Booky’s Blog and subscribe directly to this site, after all, you can never have enough books for your TBR list!

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Keep Sipping Happily Ever After…

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