Book Review:The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith

Rated: ❤❤❤❤

QuickThought:: Different types of love that Smith showcased in TSPoLaFS was what elevated this story from mediocre to epic.

Hadley missed her flight to London by four minutes. She was annoyed about the missed flight, the crowded airport and how she was forced to attend the wedding ceremony of her father marrying a woman she’s never met. She’s able to leave with the next flight out and she meets a fellow passenger, Oliver, who helps her forget about the long journey she’s taking. Throughout their time together, Hadley and Oliver get to know one another and after landing in London, they loose each other at the airport. Will they find their way back or will it be just another missed connection?

I absolutely loved reading this book. From the chance meeting of Hadley and Oliver, to the flashbacks of the how Hadley’s family fell apart, to Hadley learning to let go and embracing the new path that fate set before her, TSPoLaFS was much more than two people falling in love at first sight. I honestly thought the book was only going to focus on the two protagonist but we got to see why Hadley was against going to London, why she cherished who and what her father was in her life and the hurt she felt whenever she tries to figure out what happened to her family.

My favorite part of the book was seeing how much growth Hadley went through under 24 hours. It may not be realistic, but it shows that as people, everyday is important and learning to be better is possible. I also liked how it showed the importance of appreciating what you have. Take care of what is right in front of you because nothing is ever guaranteed. Oliver was one of my favorite character and I liked how he tried to distract Hadley but also get to know her as well.

The only issue I had with this book was Oliver’s name. It seems all the great guys name are Oliver. Its just a personal annoyance and it does not take away from the superb quality of this book.

Have you read TSPoLaFS? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment down below!

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