Book Review: Everything Everything

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

QuickThought:: Everything Everything is that subtle reminder that “ifs” and “I wish” are barriers, and it is not until we grab hold of life and experience every facet-with its risks and pleasures- that we start to live. 

Meet Madeleine. She is half Japanese half African-American, eighteen, allergic to the world, stays indoors 24/7 and her only direct human interactions are her mother and nurse.
Meet Oliver aka Olly. He moves next door to Madeline with his family and becomes intrigued by the girl who never leaves her house.
Madeline becomes Maddy once she and Olly begins to IM and become “fast friends” (One of my favorite terms since I’ve read Renée Carlino’s Before We Were Strangers). Now, Maddy’s routine life is no longer enough and she wants to risk it all. Including her life.
Can she risk her life so that she starts to actually LIVE and will she be able tell the tale afterwards?

Nicola Yoon sets Everything Everything up for the reader to fall for Maddy and Olly. I read through the book imagining myself as Maddy. Can I live indoors 24/7, not being able to feel the sun shine on my skin? Not able to feel the wetness of the rain under my boots? Not able to feel the season changing outdoors and I’m only living by looking from my windows?
No. Its unimaginable and I wanted Maddy to defy the rules and run out from the house from the second chapter of the book!
Crazy, I know, but life is all about risks right?

Everything Everything is literally, everything. We see a young, fragile relationship become stronger with everyday that passes. We get to see the bond between a mother and her daughter and how far she will protect her own. We also get to see people go out and take risks, how each family deal with their own baggage and how serious we must take care of our mental and emotional health. Its vital to help make us healthy and productive members of our society so we can be a better role model for our children and even ourselves.

Yoon’s writing is refreshing. It was very true in giving an accurate reflection of the story. When an author can be authentic to the story, no matter the genre or topic, it makes me fall in love with the work. The overall story is also very true to the present time. There is the teenage acts that is very common in present time teens, the issue of mental health, as well as finding one self after spending too much time in the darkness. I honestly cannot find something I’d change about this book because everything was literally placed at the right time with the right tone. It’s a book I’d consider a very inclusive “coming of age” book.

I am telling you, go and grab your own copy because you don’t want to miss the lessons that Everything Everything is about to teach you!

Happy Reading,


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Everything Everything

  1. Sounds like a very interesting book. I like when stories have inspirational messages; usually reminds us all to live life to the fullest without fear. Thank you for your book review and keep them coming!


  2. I saw the movie trailer a few days ago but I will definitely be reading the book before the movie comes out. I am really excited to read it an especially after your review. Thanks for a great review on the book ☺


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