Book Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

One Word: Fierce

If you have read the first book in the series, Red Queen, or my review on it (Click her for Red Queen review) then I still have some of the same qualms I had in the first one in Glass Sword. But let me tell you what I loved first. Glass Sword was fierce. Certain scenes throughout the book left me stunned because of the danger and actions that occurred. The last quarter of the book was my favorite with so much happening in such little time and then was left hanging in the epilogue. Aveyard, why ???? 😣😣😣.

Glass Sword picked up right where RQ left off at. The SG must fight for their life, Mare must try to to find the remaining Newbloods like herself and her brother before King Maven gets to them. Mare have not had time to heal from her betrayal from Maven and they both start a crazy, twisted and revengeful dance with each other. Who will come out victorious?

Many of the old characters where better developed in GS than in RQ, which is the point of a sequel. Mare Burrow was an enigma that I just couldn’t fully understand as many times through the book, she didnt understand herself either. Idk if I liked her character development better in GS or RQ… Still up for debate. But I do know that as much as she was cocky, arrogant and ruthless in certain parts, she was also sensitive, hurt and humble in others. It goes to show that as humans &(women) we are not only one character but have multiple layers. We evolve accordingly to our situations. It just happens that when Mare chooses to be a rude and merciless gal, it does more harm than good. She still has some growing up to do and hopefully it’s done in King’s Cage.

Cal is my favorite character because he was very relatable in the most common human ways. He was great to the kids, stood by Made through all her tantrums and still loved her no matter what. Trust me, there where times that Cal could have just walked away from her but he never did. I think Cal is one of the best parts of Mare and she needs him a lot. He had his flaws but they made him become a better person. Slade also stole my heart with his jovial but calm attitude. He was big brother personified.You’ll fall in love with him as well. Farley and Kirlorn also had more to say and contribute in GS and we found that there was way more about the Scarlet Guard than meet the eyes. I enjoyed the additional characters that helped the revolution as well.  A revolution brewed in GS and I’m looking forward to Kings Cage for how it will all happens.

Aveyard, I liked all the details on the newbloods, the revolution and background story but it just felt too much at times. It left the story just dry in certain areas, especially in the middle and made me wonder if I’d finish the series at times. You have the beginning and ending down, making sure we’d want to know what happens next. Your writing is superb and I loved how you made sure the soldiers (Made, Cal, Farley, Slade etc ) not forget what they have done or went through. Mare has her nightmares, she constantly battles the coldness that surround and avoid becoming the monster she’s fighting. All these flaws makes them relatable to me and that’s why I’d continue on with King’s Cage.

Are you reading the series? What did you think? Will you be reading the next book?

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