Book Review: It Ends With Us

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤
One word: Breathtaking

Lily Bloom have lived a hard life but she always kept her head up. Optimistic about her future and what she wants out of it. Then she met the charismatic, sensitive yet arrogant neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincard. They form something out of nothing and tried to make it work. As things begin to mature, Lily runs into her past love, Atlas. The young boy that was there for part of the moments that made her who she was. The life she saw for herself and what happens does not correlate and she must find strength within herself to make things right.

I got this book yesterday and completed it immediately. Yes, I have been anticipating this book after Hoover mentioned that this was the closest and realest she ever wrote about her life and it was a very important book and experience for her.

Hoover, this is your best work yet and I appreciate you for giving this to us. For trying to show us that the we all are capable of making good and bad decisions and we must make which ones are best for us. Lily was a pillar of strength that experienced certain things that no one should. Her character was too real, Hoover pulled no punches when she created her and it was more than perfect.

I loved all the characters in their own way and learned something from each of them. I rooted for Ryle, Atlas and Lily through the whole journey and even though what happened had to happened the way it was, it helps to show that many things cannot be fixed no matter what. Friendship and support system is highlighted in this book and reminds us that we truly do need people who loves us genuinely and want whats best for us in life.

I always ask this question that “if you break a glass, glue it together, will it ever be as it was originally?


The cracks will always be there.” It Ends with Us is like another one of that example.

I want to reach out to everyone out there that ever stumbles upon my page, go out and get this book. The main lesson of this book may be a common thread but it isn’t written or comes close to any other out there. You’ll thank me for it.

Happy Reading,

4 thoughts on “Book Review: It Ends With Us

  1. Thank you so much for putting this book on my radar! Wonderful photo as well. Seems like a subject matter I would be into, and sounds like a decently heart-wrenching book. Running into an old flame while being with a new one is always earth shattering and makes you wonder about things.


    1. I hope you enjoy the book and the message as much as I did! It’s truly one of my favorite reads this year so far. Would love to hear about what you think once you’ve read it!


  2. Thank you for bring this book to my attention, it sounds like the perfect book to read on a weekend and take time to reflect on it. I do love it when books make me think just a little bit harder than others


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