Review: My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

One Word: Incredible

I am completely blown away by the fact that I didnt know about this book until this summer! I can honestly say this is a must read for every teenager and new adult out there. Also it is for parents or those who might be older caring for young children. It has so many layers of messages, I couldn’t get enough that I didn’t want the book to end!

My Life Next Door was about Samantha and how she discovered herself. She grew up in a family that consisted of her older sister and her mom. They were all each other had. Samantha always looks over at her neighbors, the Garrett who were a big, loud and loyal family. They didn’t blend in the community but they were very happy. Sam have always watched from her ledge from her room until one day, Jace, one of the Garretts climbed up and changed everything.

She now had the opportunity to talk, get to know the Garretts, rather than observe from afar. She finds that life wasn’t as spelled out as her mother had always talked about. Her life was changing, her mother was no longer the same, she kepts secrets from her family, her best friend wasn’t who she always thought she was she was finding support from the people she wasn’t expecting it from. Could she give the support and do the right thing in return for them when they need her the most?

This book discussed the battle of drugs that teens may bs experiencing, the pressure that comes from expectations laid out before you and if the lessons of good character and doing the right thing that parents teach kids are real when it comes time to test it against your own morals and family?

Within the book, I loved the growth that Sam went through. I called a few things out regarding her best friend before the end of the book because Fitzpatrick build alot of things up and made sure there was a need for it throughout the book. It was honestly great writing.

My favorite character naturally was Sam and Jace. I love who they were individually and who they became by the end of the book. There were supporting characters like Tim, Sam’s friend, that was really great yet very human as well as Alice, Mr and Mrs Garrett.

This is a must read for everyone out there and let me know what you think if you’ve read it already!

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