Book Review: Dreamology

Dreamology by Lucy Keating

Rated : ❤❤❤❤
 One Word: Fantasy

I went into this book with alot of caution as I had previously mentioned in my CR : Dreamology post. I had read many reviews that said alot about the fluffy writing and fantasy state of this book, I didn’t know if it was worth it.

But I did and I’m glad I didn’t judge it solely on what others have said. I usually dislike overly sweet descriptive writing and for this particularly book, it just worked. There was no doubt whether it was fluffy, it just was and it had to be fluffy to get the idea of the plot and what was going on with the characters.

For as long as Alice has known, she always dreams of Max. In all her dreams, no matter the changes, she can always guarantee that Max will be there with her. Then Alice and her father moves back to Boston, where she was born and lived till she was 6 years old. With her move, she didn’t anticipate to see Max, in the real world, in her Psych class, at her new school. She was excited and eager to know if he knew her like she did him.

But Max didn’t recognize her or so she thought. As we read further into the book, Alice is put through a wild roller coaster of trying to figure out real life Max and the Max she always dreamed of. She continues to dream and the dream are included in great details in the book.

Along with her quest, her dreams have started to bleed into the real world. She sees things that are not real and she must figure out what is happening to her before its too late.

Keating did a great job of bringing this concept to life! The style of writing was superb with great characters. I love Oliver, he is probably my favorite character. He was funny, down to earth and just misunderstood. And he was totally down for Alice from the get go! Max was amazing as well in tbe perfect teen book character type of way. He was sweet, smart and focused which complemented Alice sunny, hyper and fantasy land mood completely.

The circumstances where Max was crass toward Alice at times was not his finest moments but I understood his behavior because he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The book truly was about figuring out who you were, the people you wanted around and making the best choices under the circumstances.

I loved the book as whole but some technical problems was up. Keating rushed the ending of the book. After we got the climax, she just pushed us down the hill and said “bye, happily ever after!” Some more explanation was needed, a scene and better description of the event that followed after the solution was found to the problem was necessary to complete this book.

Alice and Max were great characters to know and I enjoyed reading this novel.

Check out Dreamology if you have not and let me know what you think!

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