Review: Just Listen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤
One Word: Melodic

As I started to read this book, I had a sense of Deja Vu, as if I’ve already read it but just not putting the puzzles pieces together. I still don’t know the answer but I think I might have read this years ago. But anyway, I read the book and enjoyed every moment of it (Again…).

Annabel is a model, the youngest of three sisters and when she began her junior year of high school, she had no friends. She hated her model job, had a secret that was eating her away and she deals with it the only way she knew about ; She kept quiet, withdrew into her shell and did everything to avoid been the center of attention in her family with one of her sister just healing from a disease.

Then she started to interact with the school number one outcast: Owen. They forged a friendship with each other as Owen showed Annabel the world of authentic music and how to be truthful at all times. These lessons were hard for Annabel, who always omitted things to spare others while also not speaking up for herself. As her secret hurts another person she knew, she had to find the strength to come clean and be strong for herself.

Dessen did an amazing job of crafting such a touching story. This story plot is one that many girls could relate to, from Annebel sister’s disease, to the pressure of trying to keep everything inside because you believe it’s the best option to the real ordeal that Annebel went through that cost her the life she knew.

This book teaches young adult to look for confidence from within themselves even if no one else will believe in them.

My favorite character was Annabel. Something about her broke my heart because no one should have to go through what she did and she kept it together for a while. She was very protective of her family and I loved the girl she became at the end of the novel.

I also liked Owen. His character was exactly what Annabel needed. Someone who would call her out on her choices, whether good or bad. We all need someone like that in our life.

If you haven’t read this book, please make sure you check it out!

Happy Reading,

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