New Ideas & Setting Goals for the Blog

Yesterday, I stopped at Staples to pick up office materials with my coworker and I bought a journal/planner for myself. As I was checking it out, my coworker said, “don’t you have some of those at home already?”

I bought it just because it was cute. I have a tendency doing that but as I thought about the comment, I thought maybe I should use this one specifically for the blog. I can write down plans, ideas, and just write in it, all for the blog.

I set out for it last night when I got home. I wrote an intro/basic facts about the blog and what my goals are going to be in it. It was nice to write since I’ve not picked up a pen to write since school ended in May.ย 

I also started thinking of setting goals for the blog. Where I wanna see the blog in the next 3months, books to be read, maybe a schedule for posting up reviews, new books alert and so on.

I have ideas bouncing around my head as well. ย I was thinking of doing a podcast for the blog. I would do small reviews, discussion on some of the issues of writing, review difference in books, patterns in the book publishing world and more.

I have some topics that I would like to talk about and maybe post up the podcast on a weekly basis first. I did a trial run on my phone on Monday and I like it. I might do a trial run and have some panel review it before bringing it on this platform.

I like this podcast idea a lot because it will be different and fun to interact this way with my fellow book lovers and the book blog community.

In other news, I finished Dreamology last night and a review will be up very soon on blog.

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Happy Reading,


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