Review: P.S. I Still Love You

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han.

Rated: ❤❤❤❤
One word: Lovely

Friends, You must pick up a copy of this duology! Jenny Han, you impressed me.

P.S I Still Love You, is the sequel to To all the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before. Check out the review here if you haven’t. In the sequel, Lara Jean and Peter are finally giving their relationship a real go. As in no more pretending and faking it to impress Genevieve and Josh. With this change, comes the real milestone; Lara Jean is in her first real relationship and must deal with all her insecurities.


This book fleshes out many things that was missing in the first, which are:

1: We see more of the sisters and relationship with the family. It was in the 1st book, but in this one we get to know Margo more from Margo’s dialogues and actions and not what Lara Jean tells us. We see the relationship upfront and naturally. Same with Kitty. She is vibrant, smart, young and very impressionable. She is one of my fav characters. She had a Lil bit of Margo and Lara Jean in her.

2: Old friends: Chris is given more parts than just a fleeting appearance. She was the same vivacious friend that balances Lara Jean out. John Ambrose was definitely more real as we saw him and Lara Jean interact. Lucas was ever the gentleman, he reminds me of my bff, he too doesn’t hold anything back from me. Trevor and Gen also have more scenes and dialogues. We see how all of them made their friendship work when they was younger and how it is okay for changes in our lives. Those changes are needed to help us grow.

3: Lara Jean finding herself. She gets a better understanding of who she was, growing up was necessary and that it’s okay she wasn’t exactly like her older sister, Margo. In the first book, she worried a lot about been the older sister now, taking on all the responsibility that Margo did and been like Margo. Here, she did things at her own pace, was still unsure of a lot of things but it was all for her and she would be okay just been herself.

I found a lot to like in this book than in the first. Lara and Peter were absolutely lovely to read about and even though they had their problems, I’m happy with how the book ended.

I wished there were more of Josh and I was secretly rooting for Josh ( even though I loved her and Peter! 🙈🙈 Feelings!!! ). I guessed that this was to show that people you may have known all your life truly do move on and it doesn’t mean you love them less, you just out grow each other. I definitely did not like Genevieve in this book. I understood her situation better in this book but she could have been less of a mean girl! It honestly takes a lot of energy been mean and devious to a person!

Jenny Han wrote about what teens now are truly going through. They all may not have a Peter, Josh or John in their life, but they all are aware of the presense that the internet is in their life. Jenny touched on the issue of Instagram, Memes, and teenage drama in general. Her focus on family was also present with Lara Jean and her sister with their widowed father. The family really helped each other out and she showed strong relationship between girls and its importance. She gave a lot of feminist perspective on how women must hold their own and not forget that they control their body and what happens at all times. This knowledge is very important to many young girls who are growing up in this time.

I truly enjoyed this book and I’m glad I picked it up.

Make sure you check out this book and let me know what you think about it.

Happy Reading,

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