Lara Jean is getting a 3rd Book!!!

As I was doing my usual rounds on IG this morning, I saw a post from Jenny Han from 22 hours ago. (Curse IG and its new algorithm pattern)


The rumors have finally been confirmed. Lara Jean will be getting another book and its called : Always and Forever, Lara Jean. 

It will be released on 4/4/17.

Her comments section is going crazy, filled with excited readers and bloggers, eager for the release.

And I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like another LJ story and see what struggles she get through and more part from John Ambrose and Josh and Peter. But, I think the story was great the way PS I Still Love You ended. Somethings are just great to be left to the imagination and not overly played out. With both of the books Han have released so far, it resolved a lot of answers, matured LJ and it was great.

Most series need many books to figure out what Han have done in two, and doing a third book will extend from what we already know but is it necessary? Its is only prolonging something we already know and only getting done for monetary gain.

**✋✋Spoiler Alert.Spoiler Alert ✋✋**

In the third book, I can see Han tying the proverbial perfect bow on a present to a series by giving the father a full relationship with their neighbor, Ms Rothschild. She may stir drama between LJ and Genevieve again (which at this point is very tiring). And include more about John Ambrose not giving up LJ and maybe even throw in Josh in the pot of love concoction! These things can be included in the new novel or not, but I like where she left off and don’t think we need to actually know more of what LJ will be doing next.

Authors should trust the readers to be able to continue and imagine what’s next after such a great ending.

With all my hang ups, I know I’ll pick up a copy but I know one is not necessary.

What do you guys think?

Drop your comments below and let’s have a discussion!

Happy Reading,

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