Review: Isla and the Happily ever After

Isla and the Happily ever After by Stephanie Perkins

Rated : ❤❤❤❤❤
One word: Epic!

Isla and the Happily ever After is the third and the final book in the Anna and the French Kiss series. Check out my review on Anna’s story and Lola’s story if you haven’t!

Isla goes to the School of America in Paris, like Etienne, Anna, and Josh but she was younger than Anna and Etienne. She is in her senior year and must figure out whats next for her. She was used to just going along with anything at the moment. Isla, like many people was afraid of changes and didn’t know how to take risk.

During the beginning of her senior year, she began a relationship with her long time crush, Josh, who was also a senior. She was very happy to finally be dating him.

Josh was unlike Isla, he had a plan to start at an art school after high school and as he and Isla began their relationship, he found a way to include her in it so they would still be together. With the usual teenage eagerness and sometimes lack of better judgment, they both made a choice that led to an avalanche of consequences that almost cost them their love and chance with each other.

In this book, Stephanie picked up the pace of relationship and we watched them struggle to hold on tight to each other and make it work. Josh and Isla learned a lot from each other and we saw cameos from Anna, Etienne, Lola and Cricket. It was written to end with a very promising future for all the couples.

Absolutely amazing piece of work I tell you. I loved Isla’s story and the pace of the book. Perkin wrote this book for all ages as I see that many people can relate to what they went through. Perkins kept the same elements that made the other book great: family issues and support at all times, great relationship among friends and awareness of self. Isla and Josh learned about who they were which I believe is a very important part of growing up and out of the teenage years.

The romance in this book was just as intense as it was in the other two books. I am not sure if its completely appropriate for teenagers to read and see this but it also can’t be ignored. At those teen years, the feeling of love and relationship is almost consuming and intense, it’s scary.

There weren’t much I disliked from this book and I’d recommend it to anyone out there. I can honestly say Isla and Anna hold a tie on my favorite book in the series. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like Lola’s story as well. Cricket was amazing!

I’ll miss this characters but I’d be doing a reread very soon I’m sure 📚

Check out the series and let me know what you think!

Happy Reading,

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