TBR, Which Book is Next?

Since I have  finished Looking for Alaska and had posted up the Review earlier in the week, I haven’t picked up another book. Its been a very fast week since Monday was a national holiday, but also very stressful with work.

All I’ve truly wanted to do was sleep in, with the AC turned to a very low temperature because NYC was just getting its usual wave of humidity.

I was looking through my TBR list which is  always changing cause there are just many great books in the world waiting to be picked up!


1: Dreamology – L.Keating.

Alice have always dreamed of Max, the boy of her dreams. They had never met and in the dream, things are always perfect. Then she begins her new school and Max is right there. They begin to get to know each other in real life and its not as dreamy or perfect as her dreams. They also begin to see that their dream blends into the real life hours and must find a way  to fix it.

2: Just Listen – S.Dessen

Annabel, is a young model and seemed to have it all. Until one night, on decision and she becomes alienated from the life she’s always known. With her family dealing with a crisis with her older sister, Annabel tries to be the perfect daughter. Until she met Owen, a music “enthusiast’ who shows her the way to dealing with her problems, been more honest with her herself and the people who surrounds her.

3: If I Stay & Were she went  – G.Foreman

This will be a re-read. I read both books when in 2014, when If I stay was about to be released in theaters.

Mia’s life was good. With normal teenagers problems and the prospect of going to Juliard for music. Then Mia suffers a tragic event that left her as the only survivor in her family. Her boyfriend, Adam stayed with in the hospital and helped her get through her coma. She had a decision to make while she was in a coma, either stay alive or die

4:  P.S I still Love you – J.Han

The sequel to To the boys I’ve loved before, Han brings back Lara Jean and her boys. Lara and Peter are making their relationship real and then someone from her past reemerges and she must deal with her feelings all over again.

6: Glass Sword – V.Aveyard

This is also a sequel book, to Red Queen. Mare must lead the Scarlet Squad to find others like her before Maven gets to them in the fight for equality between the Red and Silver Bloods.

Glass Sword is a book I’d really like read next but I’m doing a delayed tactic since King’s Cage, the third book in the series is going on sale in January 2017.

Its been forever since I’ve read a Sarah Dessen book so maybe I’ll read this first?

What do you guys think?

Comment below, check out the blog soon to see which book is next!

Happy Reading,

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