Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Rated: ❤❤❤❤

Sequel to Anna and the French Kiss, and part of the trilogy that would end with Isla and the Happily ever After, Lola and the Boy next door was a great read.

Lola and Cricket were friends when they were younger but due to Cricket’s twin, Calliope career as a figue skater, they are always moving to and from San Francisco. The Bell twins moved back to San Fran, back to their house which was next door to Lola’s. Lola is presently in a relationship with Max and must act like her feelings for Cricket have disappear and try to be his friend, even though she wants more. Easier said than done in my opinion and Lola found that to be true towards the end.

Lola’s story is similar to Anna’s except their role is reversed in the romance department and things move along a lot quicker in Lola’s story.

In Lola and the Boy Nect door, Lola learns to accept people for who they are, and that included herself. She had great friends to support her while she navigated the craziness teenage years hold and we saw St Clair and Anna alot! They were there for Lola through the emotional rollercoaster Perkins have displayed in Anna’s story!

I liked the creativeness of Lola, she designed costumes and Perkins was very detailed that it was interesting to see all the pieces Lola wore and made. She was very fierce and I liked that about her. She is a character many would connect with and thats why Perkin’s books are great YA books.

I noticed alot of usual family issues were included and this was very important to see. Teenagers are growing up into their own persons and their parents or guardians actions affects them. Lola’s family as well as Cricket’s family made this book very real and not only a bunch of fluff without substance.

The series will conclude with all the main characters making a cameo in Isla’s story and it should be fun to read. Well I already started, almost done reading .

Check out my review for Anna and the French Kiss 💋💋 if you haven’t.

Hopefully you’ll check out the series if you haven’t.

What was your thoughts on Lola’s story?

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