How to Start a Book Blog with Nothing but your Passion

This is an Old post, getting re-posted.

I love to read (obviously) and write. I have come across thousands of books in my life and read many books in all of my lifetime so far.

Whats the point of this rant you ask?

Well, up until earlier this month, I’ve wanted to make a blog. A dream blog that I will post up all of the kinds of books I read, review them, tell you what I liked the most, what I didn’t, which characters were my faves and just show the world another girl who loves to be engrossed in the lifes of the characters she’s reading more than anything else!

But I’ve always stopped short in that dream. The moment of taking an idea from just your mind and actually putting it into words is the hardest part. I was scared. I was worried about all the wrong things. I was worried that I didnt have enough space in the apartment to get bookshelves, buy all the books to review, space to record the reviews, money for the camera of my dreams (Sony a5100), followers for the blog and time to do it all with been a full time student and worker. I made all those excuses at one point or another and it wasn’t until the end of the semester I decided to stop making them. I asked my friend Stephanie from ย to give me any pointers and she told me to just go with the flow!

I started the blog on the bus! I was on my way to my school campus on June 6, 16. I created the email, an IG account on my phone and just put up a picture of the book I was reading. It happened to be a re-read of Americanah by Adichie. I reached out to other bloggers and tried to make myself known.

I have always read a lot of my books via ebook, borrow some from the NYC Library and buy others and that is what I’ll continue to do. I don’t have it all figured out, I don’t magically have 10k followers and a million books at my disposal but I’m learning, reading and enjoying myself as I venture into this journey.

I’m happy I took the first step toward one of my dreams and can’t wait to see where it leads me!

Please follow, like and comment about your story and why you went after your dreams!

Check out my IG Page at : @bookysblog.


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