Book Review: How to Seduce a Billionaire

How to Seduce a Billionaire by Portia Da Costa

A black Lace books.

Rated: ❤❤

With a lot of focus on YA books lately, I randomly grabbed this book from the shelve.

Jess Lockhart is a twenty nine year old virgin who wants to have sex. She has very high expectations of what the man would be like and she wasn’t going to settle. She meets her new boss, Ellis McKenna, a billionaire and realizes she was attracted to him. He promises to eductate Jess on the art of sensuality as long as it was a temporary liason. As Ellis gives Jess her lesson, she finds out more about Ellis, why he only tangle with temporary liason and what can’t happen next between both of them, an actual relationship.

I like the cover art, very understated but the title is absolutely cheesy! The writting was a little tough because it’s in English style and I have to look things up to know what they translate to since I live in the US.

Jess was a great female character with real flaws yet very strong in her own way. Ellis was an ideal man, who was confident yet caring and very kind.

The characters and their conversations were not very realistic though because it seemed unlikely that many people will talk the way Ellis was talking to Jess. He showered her with way too much compliment that didnt seem to be real. It seemed he was running a game on her, even though he wasn’t.The book was compared to Fifty Shades of Grey but I couldn’t see the similarities. It seemed to almost mock Fifty Shades of Grey in some aspect.

There was great friendship between Jess and her housemate Cathy. Ellis was shown to be very reclusive and eccentric. The settings of the book was old country home, some London pad and a lot of art allusions included.

It wasn’t a fast read as I found myself skimming alot of the reading, especially in the middle where it just seemed to drag on forever. I was looking to see how it will end for both of them and the pace was faster toward the end after the climax. Some aspect of the book was very playful and I think those moments should have been more extended and less gushy writings.

I’d be checking out more books by Da Costa, but maybe later…. I’m going back to YA Books for now, Haha.

Check out the book and see for yourself.

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Happy Reading,

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