Review: Playing the Player

Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

“For the party boys and good girls everywhere. May you dare to look below the surface…”

The title of the book gives away what the book is all about honestly. The player is about to get played and even better, it was by a novice! Trina Clemons is the organized, overly cautious seventeen year old girl going on seventy who was persuaded by Slade Edmunds mom and friends to mentor him into been a more responsible guy by been her partner nanny for the summer. Slade was the exact opposite of her as he made plans as he went, joked around and wanted to be as free as possible.

Trina had some run in with Slade in school and they were never nice moments. He had created a nickname for her, laughed at her and she promised herself she would be immune to his great topaz gaze and charms.

Of course after finding out Slade had to take a job with Trina, he wasn’t thrilled. Promises was made and both of them got off to a rocky start and the ride was humorous to read about.

It was with languid writing, with enough teenage angst to not get bored and small flicker of the reminder that you truly do not know people until you spend hours and hours with them. Have a conversation, pick their brain and not judge a person based on the cover they show the world.

Both Trina and Slade learned a lot out of the nanny job and they had great friends around them who was encouraging.

I truly enjoyed reading this YA book that I didn’t go to sleep until 5:30 am because I just had to finish it and find out how it all ends. It wasn’t as predictable as I expected which was a huge deal to help the story along.

Pick up a copy and find out if the player got played cause you’re in for a surprise!

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