Mass shooting in Orlando, Florida leaves 50 dead and 53 injured

Worst Mass shooting in the US

Pulse, a gay club in Orlando Florida was the victim of a now declared hate crime from Omar Mateen. Mateen declared to support ISIS from a phone call to 911. 50 people were killed and about 53 are injured, makinf this the deadliest mass shooting US have ever suffered since the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

I came across this news as I unplugged my phone from the foot of the bed and turned on Snapchat. CNN, DailyMail and NT had headlines about the shooting.

United State of America is going through a war with ISIS at this moment and extremist Muslims are pledging allegiance with the cult that has no regard for human life. I do not support their interpretation of the Quran or their ideologies, and obviously, Mateen believed he was doing his good by killing innocent people who just wanted to have fun last night. Had he thought that his act was conducted during the holy month for Muslims, Ramadan?

The world need more love than hate, more tolerance to allow people to live their life as they wish as long as they are not harming others. Hate crimes in the US is becoming more prevalent as each side believes that they would be better off without a certain group of people. To hate another doesn’t make the world better.

The country is in the mist of electing a new leader of the free world, and who we elect will have to ready to face many issues in the coming years. We must stand together to make this country as well as the world a better living place. There is no right or wrong way about anything, but the best option with less harm is most important.

I would recommend watching Captain American:Civil War because it is similar in the notion that there is no right choice, but the best choice to help the mass.

I pray for the family of the people that was hurt by this senseless act and pray for less events like this.

Happy Sunday.

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